RoboBridge runs best on a Windows computer with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome set as default browser.
Google Chrome users must first install the ClickOnce extension.
RoboBridge will not run on Apple or Linux computers.

FireFox users can install RoboBridge through this link.

Click the above button to start the installation of the RoboBridge client application.

By installing RoboBridge, you agree to be bounded by the terms of the EULA.
Does the install not work for you?

Please provide feedback on the installation process.
Especially if you decided not to install RoboBridge, what kept you from installing it?
Uninstall inctructions
Requirements for installing RoboBridge:
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.0.3
    (On most computers that run Windows, this framework is already installed. If not: Install)
Known bugs and limitations:
  • Only available in English and Dutch.
When you click on the install button you will see a security warning.
This warning asks you: do you trust the source of this software?
Some reasons why you can trust this software:
  • Exactly the same software as what you are about to download, participates in the computerbridge world championships.
  • More than 5800 bridge players have trusted this software and installed it. Together they have played over 3,100,000 boards without problems.
  • RoboBridge is made by Dutch company Sodes.
  • Sodes is owned by Job Scheffers
  • This internet download is the only possibility to distribute the software for free. The traditional way, a CD in a shop, would cost me too much money and time.