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On this page participants in the online bridge tournaments can view their results and compare their bidding and play with those of other contenders.

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Robo Pairs Daily
1frits garretsen868.9%Netherlands
2Jan Miedema1662.3%Netherlands
3kneh artsew1660.1%Netherlands
4Marc de Haan1060.1%Netherlands
5Tor Morten Vien858.7%Norway
6jan wolf1657.4%Netherlands
7Martinie Wolf1657.1%Netherlands
8Doug Jepsen656.1%United States
9Be Mulder1651.0%Netherlands
10Robo Bridge1650.9%Netherlands

Bridge players are on average 56 years old, well educated, travel a lot and regularly go for special bridge travel arrangements.
During these organised bridge travel trips they also make hikes, bike around or go for a ski descend.