Sample of UIRoboBridge is free computer bridge software that simulates three human bridge players. It allows you to play some boards whenever you have time. The robots provide a very high level of play, so you will be trained to always play your best bridge.

RoboBridge has participated many times in the world championship computerbridge. A 2nd place in the indivdual event showed the great ability to play well with any partner.

RoboBridge lets you compose your own convention card. Possible base cards to choose from: Acol, Standard American, SAYC, 2 over 1. Customize these cards with over 50 conventions: Stayman, Jacoby, Multi-Landy, Checkback Stayman, RKC, DOPI-ROPI, Puppet Stayman, Truscott, Multi, Flannery, Fourth Suit Forcing, Negative double, Support double, Support cue, ....

Practised enough and ready for some tough competition? Join the online butler competition and compare your results with those of all other contenders.

What do you have to do to get started?
1. Click on the install tab.
2. Install the RoboBridge software.

Up to this moment 12169 persons have registered. In total they have played 9097216 boards.

Robo Butler Open
1Erik Verbeek112.000Netherlands
2Christophe DEFER112.000France
3Gertjan van Oost28.500Netherlands
4Cindy Barbarisi28.000United States
5an keizer18.000Netherlands
6wiro jansen67.000Netherlands
7Jan Dam37.000Netherlands
8Evert Kalverda17.000Netherlands
9zso cii46.500United States
10peter munro26.000Australia
11nico bos46.000Netherlands
12Silvio Conte25.500Italy
13Sander Uilkema25.500Netherlands
14jk wang25.500Singapore
15Harrie Dorrestein15.000Netherlands
16Willem van der Linden15.000Netherlands
17jac vd eijnden15.000Netherlands
18Sjef Zenden15.000Netherlands
19Mike Cragg15.000United Kingdom
20m ross15.000Canada
21Will van Wel15.000Belgium
22Thea Theunissen15.000Netherlands
23Paolo Nosi15.000Italy
24graziella minardi15.000Italy
25nancy thornberry15.000United States
26jean-pierre vanderwee15.000Belgium
(Minimum of 10 finished boards required to be in this list)

Robo Pairs Open
1pat denniston199.810%United States
2renee diante199.241%United States
3mehmet berk kamen197.716%Portugal
4Lida Schoon196.300%Netherlands
5Eric Laurant196.300%Netherlands
6Christina Katuin-Ziengs196.300%Netherlands
7Ron Turner196.300%United Kingdom
8Old Shatterhand290.416%Netherlands
9buzzy lanigan289.648%United States
10hikmet tezcan189.279%Turkey
11Saskia Hermans189.279%Netherlands
12René van den Heuvel189.279%Netherlands
13John Blues189.279%Canada
14Jac Leverdingen189.279%Netherlands
15laus veldman189.279%Netherlands
16Joke Rijkenbarg189.279%Netherlands
17Sidharth Lakshmanan286.137%United States
18david allen bald479.195%United States
19Bert Kerkhoff379.061%Netherlands
20RADKO BELENSKI276.950%Cyprus
21PAEJ BOONE276.375%Belgium
22Alies van der Veen-de Vries275.790%Netherlands
23jan jansen275.555%Netherlands
24willie milton artis275.065%United States
25lascu marius174.004%Romania
26Gé van Bemmel174.004%Netherlands
(Minimum of 10 finished boards required to be in this list)

Robo Butler Daily
1har van Pol16-0.750Netherlands
2Robo Bridge16-30.000Netherlands
3Michael James Jaglowitz61.833Canada
4geert warmerdam3-2.000Netherlands
5Filip K. Jankowski24.500Poland

Robo Pairs Daily
1har van Pol1657.031%Netherlands
2Robo Bridge1653.125%Netherlands
3toos meijer929.444%Netherlands
4ellen paul836.563%Netherlands
5Agaath Reiss376.667%Netherlands
6Michael James Jaglowitz330.000%Canada
7Marc de Haan265.000%Netherlands
8Richard Peters1-30.000%Netherlands